smith jankerman pekanbaru

In recent years, Smith & Jankerman have become a driving force of change in the bustling city of Pekanbaru. Their positive contribution to the city’s infrastructure and culture have had a significant impact on Pekanbaru’s development and its population. This article will explore the positive impact of Smith & Jankerman on Pekanbaru, from their investments in infrastructure to their involvement in the community.
How Smith & Jankerman Impacted Pekanbaru

Smith Jankerman Pekanbaru has been in business for over 40 years and is one of the most renowned furniture stores in the city. As one of the most experienced retailers in town, they offer:

  • Design and innovation for all furniture pieces.
  • High-quality materials and fabrics to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Broad range of furniture such as sofas, chairs, dining sets and much more.
  • Competitive prices for furniture pieces.
  • Delivery services, including the assembly of the furniture.

At Smith Jankerman Pekanbaru, they understand the importance of having the proper furniture in one’s home. That is why they strive to provide you with the best furniture pieces, at the most competitive prices, and with excellent customer service. From classic pieces of furniture to the modern and trendy ones, they can guarantee you will find the right furniture for your home, no matter the style you’re looking for. Plus, their in-house design team is available to help you create the whole look for your home.

As we’ve seen, Smith & Jankerman have had a large impact on Pekanbaru, creating hundreds of jobs, spurring economic activity and raising the standard of living for its citizens. Hopefully, the two companies will continue to bring positive change to Pekanbaru for years to come.

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