How the 元 Cartwheel Emoji Trending

If it feels like everywhere you look you’re seeing a familiar emoji, it’s because you are! The 元 cartwheel emoji is trending and you’re about to find out why. We’re here to explain just how this apple-cheeked image is popping up on social media feeds everywhere. So, hold tight … we’re about to explore the reasons for the cartwheel emoji’s newfound fame!
How the 元 Cartwheel Emoji is Trending

Its no news that the cartwheel emoji is setting the internet ablaze. Everywhere we turn, this iconic emoji is using its goofy charm to put a smile on users’ faces. Here are the reasons why its becoming a global trend:

  • The cartwheel emoji is fun and irreverent.
  • It can be used as a lighthearted reply to anything.
  • It works for any setting or situation.
  • Many influencers have shown themselves doing cartwheels.

Its no surprise then, that this cartwheel riff is making its way through social networks everywhere. With its unique blend of humor and simplicity, its quickly becoming a go-to emoji. It captures the energy and spirit of its user base like no other emoji ever could.

So that’s a look at how the cartwheel emoji has gone from being just another character on your keyboard to being a trending topic across the internet. It’s worth keeping an eye on this emoji to see if it will become an even more popular trend, or just end up as a brief, but fun, online phenomenon.

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