How To Claim Twitch Drops & Discover In 2023?

How To Claim Twitch Drops

Many people want to claim twitch drops for getting rewards. Are you one of them? If so, you visited the right spot because here, we will get to know how to claim twitch drops. Be patient and read the article properly to learn about twitch drops. Let’s get started – 

What are twitch drops?

These drops are a way to win rare and valuable rewards. You just need to watch some particular streams for a decided period of time to get these drops. 

There are various types of twitch drops that let you select the prize you wish to get from the twitch drops store. 

You’re promised to give rewards when you want to watch a stream for the selected time. The longer you watch it, the more prizes you’ll get. 

Important – twitch drops are only acquired when you connect your wargaming and twitch accounts. Don’t forget to have a look at the portal regularly. The portal lets you know the events that have streams with twitch drops and also the drop you can get from that event.

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Types of twitch drops

There are three twitch drops types: regular, mystery, and monthly drops. 

  1. Regular drops

These drops promise you a pre-selected item. You might be required to watch the stream for a longer time getting regular drops. 

  1. Mystery drops

These drops promise to give you a random thing from a given selection. Though, the chances of getting a high-value item are less. 

  1. Monthly drops

These are a decided set of twitch drops campaigns. 

You are required to tune in every week for gathering the drops tokens. Later on, you can exchange the tokens in the drop store for rewards. These rewards can be premium vehicles, 2D styles, etc. 

These types of drops can also unlock some in-game missions. 

How to claim twitch drops?

Well, don’t worry about the process because it is super easy. 

  • Link your world of tanks and twitch accounts. How?
  • Head on to the wargaming account management page. 
  • Hit the twitch option given on the right side.
  • Approve the connection. 
  • Once you successfully link the accounts, you’ll see twitch as a linked platform in your wargaming settings and vice-versa ( will also be shown in your twitch account’s settings).
  • Watch the streams with twitch drops. You can also analyze your growth toward a drop from the progress bar section. 
  • Now, just claim the drop (within 24 hours of the campaign’s end because it disappears after that). How? 
  • By smashing on the option given in the notification in the stream interface or in your twitch inventory. 

How can you see the drops campaign? 

You need to move to the browse category to find the streams. Navigate the streams that have twitch drops enabled. 

What is a twitch Drop store?

It is just an in-game shop where you can buy things with Twitch Drop Tokens. It can only be accessed when you have at least one token in your account. And it will disappear if you have no tokens.

How can you get to the twitch drop store? 

It’s not that difficult –

  • Move to your garage and then turn to the DEPOT section. 
  • Enter HOMEFRONT Supplies from there. Once you open it, you’ll enter the store. 


This is everything about twitch drops, including how to claim twitch drips. I wish now you won’t face any issues regarding the same. But if you have any, the comment section is all yours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long do you have to claim twitch drops?

    You only have 24 hours to claim the drop because it will disappear after 24 hours of the campagin’s end. 

  2. Can you get twitch drops after stream

    The clear answer is NO. You can only get it when watching the live streams. 

  3. Do twitch drops work if muted? 

    It doesn’t matter whether you mute the stream or not; You’ll get the drops as long as you are meeting the requirements for getting twitch drops. 

  4. Why are my twitch drops not working?

    You might be using the drops after 24 hours of the campaign’s end, and that’s why the twitch drops aren’t working.

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