How To Disguise A Turkey Kindergarten Project 2022?

How To Disguise A Turkey Kindergarten Project

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Thanksgiving is Turkey. It is preferred for the feast and many kindergarten projects where kids have to disguise Turkey.

Yes, it is one thing that parents and children enjoy and have fun with. It’s easy to engage your kids and bring out their inner creativity. So, let’s check more about disguising the turkey.

How to disguise a turkey kindergarten project?

The question is how to disguise the turkey and make it look unique from others. So, check out the below givens tips to create the best one:

  • First, create 2 copies of Turkey, or you can also get the printouts.
  • 1 copy of Turkey is to be glued on the Cardboard, while the other has to be used to create clothes, think of a theme or even get the exact shape.
  • Try out different characters to disguise your Turkey, and don’t hesitate to give a new look to Turkey.
  • Lastly, allow kids to give it a finished look using glitter, sketch pen and other things.

Which are the characters or themes for disguising turkey?

There are various ways for kids to disguise Turkey for the kindergarten project. Let’s have a look at some of the creative options:

  • If your Kid loves Frozen, try out disguising Tueky as Elsa. Use glitters and colours to give it the look of Frozen.
  • One who loves Minions can transform their Turkey into one of them by using yellow and blue colours. The wings could have small minions in them.
  • Kids love Pizza, so use Dominos themes for Turkey. For example, use the empty pizza box and get a blue colour t-shirt for Turkey to make it as a Dominos Delivery boy.
  • After Thanksgiving, it’s time for Christmas, and kids are quite inclined towards the Christmas tree. So, disguise Turkey as a tree and use fairy lights to decorate it.

Turkey can also be looked like a clown, mermaid, cop, chick and many others. It’s a kindergarten project, so let your kids decide how they wish to look in Turkey and help them to make their imagination come true.


Why should kids try disguising turkey?

Kids who opt to disguise turkey will get an opportunity to bring out their hidden creativity. There are options to create a theme for Tukey, a dress theme, and much more. So, it’s fun for them.

Is there an option to get printable Turkey for small kids?

Yes, there are sites through which parents can download printable Turkey and give it to their kids. It can be coloured, or even dresses can be created for them and stuck to printouts.


So, it is the best option if you are also planning something innovative and creative for your kids. Disguising a turkey is not just a project but an opportunity that helps kids to think outside of the box.

Family can unite and allow kids to disguise their Turkey uniquely to stand out in the class. Thanksgiving is about to come, so try to Disguise Turkey with your kids this year.

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