HMP Human Meat Project Com, Hoax, Donation, France, Magyarul & 2022!

Human Meat Project Com

HMP Human Meat Project Com: The human meat donation TikTok video is getting viral on various platforms. According to the video, human bodies can help other people to satisfy their hunger.

The site says overpopulation and starvation can be resolved by donating human bodies. Isn’t it strange that human bodies are used for other living beings?

But according to many researchers and publications, the human meat project com is a conceptual art form, not a reality. So, let’s check in detail about the program and know more about the same.

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What is the HMP human meat project com?

The program asks people to donate dead human bodies, so the meat will be used to fulfil the hunger of other living beings.

It means they promote cannibalism, where people use flesh and meat of the same species to survive. There is a website where the complete process is explained.

One can donate the complete body or even certain parts that other living beings will use as their food.

The site has every detail, along with the option to donate online. The site strongly says that we need to survive together, so dead bodies of humans must be donated to reduce starvation.

It is hard to digest, but a TikTok video based on the same is grabbing attention, and people are looking for the site.

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Is the human meat project com real?

There are many researchers conducted on the same as it is hard to believe that people can eat other real humans. The reports conclude that it is a “conceptual artwork” and not reality.

The rumours and videos of humans eating other humans are fake. It is to show ideas over reality, and the artist is just trying to come up with the idea that does not include humans.

People are rigours searching for the same to find the reality. The site also has terms and conditions that make clear the program is just a conceptual idea, not reality.

The data filled for donation is saved for the artist’s future reference and to get a detailed idea.

Why is the human meat project com getting viral?

TikTok, the famous and popular video platform, has videos that show human meat is consumed to satisfy hunger.

Video clips are trending on various platforms, and many searches for them. The growing demand has made people come up front and find the reality.

It is concluded that the program is fake and does not take the human body for serving as food. It is just a conceptual idea of an artist that shows imagination over any object.


What does the human meat project com do?

The program asks people to donate complete dead bodies or some parts as food for other humans. It means that people eat other humans’ flesh to satisfy their hunger.

Does it deal with the dead human body?

No, the program is just a conceptual artwork of an artist that shows acceptance to survive. There is no reality but an imagination where human bodies are used to deal with starvation.


The program has no reality, and the videos are just fake. No one asks for dead human bodies to serve as meat for other humans.

The information on the internet and other social media platforms is wrong and just used to make the video go viral.

It is a conceptual artwork where the artist is showing his imagination which is hard for people to understand. So, don’t believe this fake news and don’t register on such sites.

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