Important bloxburg update log Edition

Hey everyone! Have you been keeping up with the latest updates for the popular game Bloxburg? Whether you’re a fan of the open-world sandbox game or just intrigued by what the developers have been cooking up recently, here’s the dish on all the most important updates for the game since its launch. Take a look at the Important Updates Log: Bloxburg Edition to get the scoop on the newest tweaks and additions!
Important Updates Log: Bloxburg Edition

Welcome to the Bloxburg Update Log, where we keep you informed on the latest changes. Over the past month, we have made some exciting updates which you may not have noticed, so here’s a quick overview:

  • Removed the bike-riding minigame
  • Added the hair salon to the waterfront
  • Decreased the price of garden plots
  • Structured the interior design options by room
  • Fixed various bugs

We have also added in two new furniture sets: beach and cabin. The beach set is perfect for when you’re feeling a bit of ocean nostalgia. The cabin set is designed to make your Bloxburg home feel cozier. Enjoy!

We hope this article was helpful in providing an overview of the important updates to Bloxburg! Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!

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