Business and home insurance

Having a business or home is a big responsibility and that also includes having the proper insurance coverage. Without the right insurance, you’re putting your livelihood and financial security on the line. Business and home insurance is here to help you understand all the aspects of insuring your business and home.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to know, from the different types of insurance to the appropriate coverage amounts and much more.

Insuring Your Business and Home:
Business and home insurance

The idea of ​​safeguarding the risk associated with the home and your business is among the top priorities for any person. Global Nusantara News provides you with a comprehensive business and home insurance coverage to protect you from:

  • Unexpected natural disasters or fires
  • Losses or damage to property
  • Liability/legal costs
  • Employee injury or illness

We have plenty of insurance plans and different packages to fit all kinds of budgets and needs. We know that it can be really difficult to find the right insurance package that meets all the needs and risk of your business, so the team at Global Nusantara News is here to make this task much easier! We help you compare the different packages on offer, so you can pinpoint the one that best suits you.

We offer our customers the opportunity to customize some of their packages and tailor them to their business’ unique situation. Our team of professionals are passionate about helping customers succeed in their business endeavors, so can rest assured we will be there to help in any way possible.

With better coverage, you can focus more on growing your business! If you are looking for comprehensive insurance coverage for your Business and home insurance can provide the peace of mind that you need.

With a secure online market and good customer services, you can rest assured that your business and home are taken care of. So, stop worrying and start insuring your business and home today!

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