JBLM Soldier James Kelly Girlfriend Lily

Love is a mysterious thing, as we all know; you never know where it’s going to turn up. And for one Fort Lewis soldier and his girlfriend, it took an unexpected turn when the two made an incredible connection at a very unusual place. A heartwarming story about how JBLM Soldier & GF Find Love in an Unexpected Place…
JBLM Soldier & GF Find Love in Unexpected Place

James Kelly, a soldier stationed at JBLM, has found long-term love with Lily, his girlfriend. They met when James was training in his hometown of Kearney. In a recent interview, James had this to say about his experience with her:

  • “The second I met her, I knew she was the one for me. She’s funny, witty, and incredibly supportive. Plus, she always likes to try new things and explore new places with me.”

The couple share a love of sports and adventures. When James isn’t on duty, the two can often be found going on hikes, attending sporting events, and playing board games. James even surprised Lily with a romantic weekend getaway to the island of Oahu last year.

For this JBLM Soldier and his GF, love was not something they were expecting, but once it found them, it certainly changed both of their lives for the better. This story is proof that love can come in unexpected places, and that sometimes the weirdest thing to happen can be the most worthwhile.

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