Jerry Seinfeld Comercial Com Bill Gates

Jerry Seinfeld Comercial Com Bill Gates

Looking for Jerry seinfeld comercial com bill gates ads perspective? Here it is – 

The topic is all about ads featuring Bill gates and Jerry Seinfield. Although most people are unable to connect with both the ads. The first ad didn’t mention anything about Microsoft and is unable to convince anyone to buy their products. 

The second ad is just like the first one, lacking connection with the audience. 

It’s a normal family scene in the ads and Bill and Jerry are living with them to connect more with real people. The idea behind it is to show that Microsoft has connected with more than a billion individuals. 

The idea behind this campaign is still unclear. One perspective of the ads can be that Microsoft is interacting with more people to get feedback and improve their products. 

For a more clear idea, you can watch the ads.

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