Joao Felix Opens Up on Ideal Position Amid MUFC Rumours

Recent reports have linked Portuguese star Joao Felix with Manchester United, and the 19-year-old has opened up on his ideal position on the pitch. From explaining his inspirations to defining his preferred role, the Atletico Madrid striker has given his views on where he’d like to play when he makes his expected next move.
Joao Felix Opens Up on Ideal Position Amid MUFC Rumours

Speculation about a transfer of talented Portuguese attacker Joao Felix to Manchester United has been around for a while now. Amid transfer rumours, Felix has already disclosed his ideal position on the pitch.

  • Striker: The 19-year-old Atletico de Madrid player has revealed that his ideal position is to act as the very highest winger on the pitch. He is a technically gifted long-distance shooter and can provide the accuracy needed to play in this advanced position.
  • Link-up Man: Felix also said he enjoys playing as a link-up man, using his extraordinary technical ability to create attacking strategies by connecting with other players. This position also allows him to control the ball closer to the goal.
  • Counter-Attacker: Felix also feels comfortable as a counter-attacker, exploiting his great speed and being able to surprise defences with decisive one-two passing manoeuvres. This type of position enables him to take advantage of his agility and shooting accuracy.

Given the variety of skills he has, it is no surprise to hear Felix has specified the positions that suits him best. His wonderful combination of talents allows him to improve any team that acquires him.

Though it remains to be seen which teams will eventually come forward to bid for the young Portuguese international, it’s clear that Joao Felix has the talent and confidence to make an impact wherever he plays. Let’s just hope his performances continue to be just as impressive, if not more, in the future.

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