Kershaw K’s: His Strikeout Story

Strikeout superstar Clayton Kershaw has been a dominant force since he first started pitching in the major leagues in 2008. “Kershaw K’s” is a moniker given to the strikeout power of the Los Angeles Dodgers ace, and the story behind it is a great one. This article takes a look at the amazing journey Kershaw has taken becoming one of the best strikeout pitchers the game has ever seen.
Kershaw K's: His Strikeout Story

Kershaw strikeouts have become one of the most impressive feats in baseball history.

    Reasons why:

  • He was the Mallex Smith of pitching: Kershaw showed no signs of slowing down, even as he aged.
  • He has an arsenal of strikeout pitches: Kershaw is capable of striking out hitters with his fastball, slider, change-up, and curve ball.
  • He had a knack for getting out of jams: Kershaw was able to get out of tight spots with his strikeout ability, which explains why he has some of the best numbers for strikeouts per nine innings in baseball history.

His strikeout totals are simply staggering. He is 9th all-time in strikeouts and first all-time in K/9, with 9.92. He also holds the record of most strikeouts in a season with 301 in 2009, as well as the record for most consecutive seasons with 200+ strikeouts, having achieved this feat seven years in a row. In 2021, he still leads the MLB in strikeouts, proving he can still get it done.

Kershaw K’s are an incredible part of Major League Baseball history and a testament to the power and accuracy of the greatest pitcher of the 21st century. From his first season in 2008 to his record-setting 2015, Clayton Kershaw has maintained a remarkable level of dominance, revolutionizing the game for strikeout pitchers everywhere. No matter what the annals of history say, it’s clear that he’s been one of the greatest of all time.

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