Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge Gone Wrong: Is It Safe? Detailed Info!

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge: Kylie Jenner is a famous star and many girls want to look the same as she looks. They want the same pouty lips as Kylie’s are. So a new challenge emerged between the girls “kylie lip challenge.” Are you here to get details of the kylie lip challenge? Welcome..! And don’t forget to read till the last line to know everything about this challenge. 

What is the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? 

It is a challenge where girls insert their lips into anything like glass, a small jar, a bottle, etc. Then they suck the air from that container to create a vacuum. They wish to have pouty lips like Kylie Jenner. 

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Some reviews from the girls who have tried this challenge are-

” They find it boring and the challenge was kind of fun. Swelling lasted for some hours only and the lips are bruised now”.

” It was painful and the swelling lasted for days.”

” It was embarrassing.”

Some girls also said, ” I didn’t get the same lips as Kylie and was looking terrible.”

Kylie Jenner has also tweeted about the lip challenge saying ” I want to encourage people/young girls like me to be yourself and not be afraid to experiment w your look”.

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Kylie lip challenge how long does it last?

There is no certainty on the duration of effects. They can even be permanent. The factors that determine how long the effects of this kylie lip challenge last are-

  • The duration you’ve practiced the challenge for. If you have done this for a longer period of time, your effects can even be permanent.
  • Sensitivity of skin – if your skin is not so sensitive, your effects can sweep away even in a few hours. But if you own sensitive skin, the effects can take up to weeks to go away. 

Is the Kylie Jenner lip challenge permanent?

Wondering whether the effects of this lip challenge can be permanent? Here’s your answer – Yes, it can be permanent but in rare cases. Otherwise, the effects are just temporary. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, the effects will go away with time.

Many girls’ lips get normal in 2-3 hours whereas some girls’ lips take even weeks to get normal. So it majorly depends on the sensitivity. The second factor that decides the duration of effects is the time you’ve done the challenge.

If you’ve tried the challenge for a longer time, the chances of permanent effects increase.

Does the Kylie Jenner lip challenge go away? 

Well, to be honest, there is no surety that the bruising of lip challenge can go away. But some effects can also be permanent like dark spots, etc. Although the temporary effects can even take weeks to go away. 


It is highly recommended not to try the Kylie lip challenge as it can cause various problems. According to many skin experts, it can also cause permanent damage to your lips. So be yourself and don’t try to look at who you are not.

At least don’t try suction methods to look like kylie. If you want to look like her, try some safe practices. Otherwise, the probability is high that you’ll look hilarious. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is kylie jenner challenge safe?

No, it’s not safe as it can cause various problems to your lips. The dark spots caused by this can lead to temporary dark spots in the lip area. Even permanent sometimes. It can swell your lips for even weeks. 

Is the Kylie Jenner lip challenge dangerous?

Yes, some skin experts say that the Kylie Jenner lip challenge is not safe. The reason behind this is-
The suction can lead to the rushing of blood and other substances to the lips of the individual. And it will ultimately lead to engorging of the blood vessels. 
Can burst the blood vessels 
Can cause permanent damage and even blood clots in the lips area 
Giant bloody mass. 
Mild to severe bruising to the lips.
Dark spots
Inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
Painful in some cases
These are the possible dangers that can be caused to you if you try kylie’s lip challenge. 

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