Lawsuit Settlement for “Blitz” Gas Cans

If you’ve ever used Blitz gasoline cans, then you might want to pay attention to this news. The company behind Blitz recently settled a class action lawsuit and consumers who used Blitz gas cans may be able to benefit from the settlement. Here’s what you need to know about the Blitz lawsuit and how it affects you.
Lawsuit Settlement for
Blitz Gas Can Lawsuit – What You Need to Know.

  • The Blitz gas can lawsuit was filed against Blitz USA Inc., which manufactured and distributed the red one-gallon plastic gas can.
  • The lawsuit involved allegations that the flip-top spout of the plastic gas container was prone to leak due to being defective, and that the plastic melted during extended contact with gasoline.

The lawsuit contended that Blitz USA had ample notice of the defect and failed to take action to recall the gas can or to fix the flip-top spout defect to prevent gas from leaking. The lawsuit also alleged that the company had failed to address a preventable hazard.

The lawsuit resulted in a settlement with Blitz USA, where the company agreed to pay out more than $16 million to injured plaintiffs. The settlement also requires Blitz USA to publicly acknowledge the safety defect in their products. This includes the sale of spouts which they designed to stop the fuel leakage. Furthermore, Blitz USA is required to reimburse medical costs associated with injuries caused by their plastic gas can.

It’s clear that Blitz has been held responsible for the harm their faulty products have caused consumers. This is a positive development, both for those who have suffered from the explosions and for other users of Blitz’s gas cans. Hopefully, this outcome will make manufacturers think twice, and encourage them to take responsibility for the quality of their products.

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