Lincoln Project Takes On Tucker Carlson

If you’ve been looking for someone to take on the right’s firebrand, Tucker Carlson, then the Lincoln Project has you covered. The Lincoln Project, a political action committee, recently began airing advertisements targeted at Carlson’s controversial views and rhetoric. In the age of endless media spats, the Lincoln Project decided to go full force and issue their own rebuke of the prime time Fox News host. Let’s take a closer look at how the Lincoln Project is confronting one of their most vocal opponents. Lincoln Project vs. Tucker Carlson

The Lincoln Project is a political action committee (PAC) founded by Republican strategists in response to former President Donald Trump. The main objective of the Lincoln Project is to defeat Donald Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box. The organization has received much media attention and has released several videos and other materials attacking Donald Trump and his supporters, including Fox’s Tucker Carlson.

One of their most recent attacks on Carlson was released in August 2019, and was criticized for being misleading. The video compared Trump’s traditionally low, historically low, numbers on race to those of former president Obama. This video was attacked by many people, including Carlson, for being outdated and incorrect, as the numbers had shifted at the time of its release. The organization has continued its attacks against Carlson throughout 2020, with Carlson deeming it a “radical group.” Carlson also publicized his criticism of the Lincoln Project, accusing it of being a “massive grift” and comparing its founders to “cockroaches.” In response to Carlson’s criticism, the Lincoln Project has released several more videos attacking Tucker Carlson and Fox News. The Lincoln Project’s response to Tucker Carlson’s inflammatory rhetoric underscores the importance of holding him accountable for spreading falsehoods and divisive rhetoric of the past. Carlson may think he can stay comfortably at the top of his cable news show, but he should think again. The Lincoln Project continues to be a powerful presence in the public discourse and has promised to stay firm in the face of such unchecked hate speech.

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