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Hair we make a braid longhair If you’re having FOMO for short hairstyles, you don’t have to break out the clippers just yet. Beauty bloggers have a surprisingly effective trick that can help you get the look of a short cut without the long term commitment. It’s called ‘Long Hair: Beauty Bloggers’ Trick to Fake Short Styles’. And in this article, we’ll show you how they do it.

Having hair-nails/” title=”The 6 Worst Enemies Hands Hair Nails”>long hair doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the latest short hair trends. Beauty bloggers have come up with some creative tricks to pass off short hairstyles when you have long hair. Here are some of the best ways to rock short hair styles, even with long hair.

  • The Clip– Put your hair up in a ponytail and clip a bun extension to it. By using an extension that has the same color as your hair, you can instantly transform your look into one of the styles you see in the trending nows.
  • The Twist– Using the same ponytail method, simply tie your hair into a lofty bun and twist some strands of your hair and wrap them around the bun base. You can use a bobby pin or a small elastic to secure it.
  • The Braid– French braided buns are a great way to get that half bun, half braid look. Braid the front section of your hair and tie the rest of your hair in a messy half-pulled back bun.
  • The Hairpiece– Top off your short hair style with a faux hairpiece. From pixies to bobs, adding a texture-matching wiglet or a drawstring ponytail can add an edgy and fashionable vibe to your hairstyle.

Achieving great short hairstyles with longer hair is totally possible. With the help of these tricks, you can now glam up any look you desire in no time!

So if you want to try some short styles out, it’s easier and safer than you thought! With a few beauty bloggers’ hacks up your sleeve, you can rock a short style in no time. Your hair will look fabulous and you can switch up your look whenever you want. Go ahead, get creative!

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