Top 9 Car Care & Safety Tips 2023! Car Care Car Care: You might have spent your entire savings on a car, and that’s why you want to keep it brand-new.

But everything requires some effort; keeping the car-brand new is no exception. Not only for keeping it brand-new, to keep yourself safe, and for the proper functioning of the car, it is required to be maintained.

But do you know how to maintain it? If not, this article is for you. Here I’ll mention 9 car care tips.

By following these, you can literally keep yourself safe and your car in good condition. Let’s start – 

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9 car care

Here’s the list – 

Car’s Manual

Every car has a manufacturer’s user manual that has all the details about the car. You can consider it no less than a bible because it consists of everything from safety measures to minor car problems solutions. 

That’s why you should read your car’s manual as soon as possible. And always keep it in the car so you can take help from it if required. 

⏩ If you have lost it somewhere, get it online from the manufacturer’s website. 

Warning Lights

Buying a car is fine, but it’s of no use if you don’t know its features properly. Ensure you learn warning lights in the dashboard; it will help you to be safe. 

A car is built with many sensors that warn you whenever your car is out of order. For instance, a warning light. It is shown when the vehicle’s fuel is about to end. 

So you must learn about these warning signs as soon as possible because they can help you identify various problems. And when you know the problems, you can sort them out before they get severe or cause any mishap. 

⏩ You can understand the warning lights meaning even from the car’s manual. 

Tyre Pressure

Tyres are an essential component of a car; they keep it moving. Any problems with them can stand your vehicle in the middle of the path. And in worst-case scenarios, it can lead to fatal accidents. 

So it is highly recommended to examine the tyre’s pressure from time to time. And if it is reduced, refill it. This will help you keep the tyres in good condition for a longer time.

Not only pressure, but you should also check if any object is stuck or cracks in the tyres. And if there is, make sure to get it repaired before you suffer the consequences. 

Clean Engine

No vehicle can work smoothly if there is any problem with its engine. So it is essential to keep your vehicle’s engine in good condition. Although repairing a car’s engine is high-priced. That’s why you should take good care of it to avoid repairs.

⏩ Use clean fuel and keep it clean to avoid any junk. 

Not only this, but you should also check for oil leakages. Fuel leakages with dust can severely damage the engine. So it’s better to look after it too.  

Clean your car’s battery

Your car’s battery must also be in good condition to get the comfort you wish from your car. That’s why it is suggested to keep the vehicle’s battery clean. It also extends its life. 

You can also do it by yourself by learning about it from the user manual. 

Here are some tips for cleaning the terminal contacts – 

  • Start with the negative one. 
  • Make sure you disconnect it before cleaning. 
  • Use a cleaning battery brush to clean it. 
  • Reconnect it to the battery and then clean the positive one. 

Brake Fluid

The brakes of your vehicle need brake fluid to work efficiently. Without adequate brake fluid, they can even stop working. And I think I don’t need to tell you what can happen if the brakes stop working. So to prevent those mishaps, you must know the level of brake fluid required. 

⏩ Keep a check on the colour of the brake fluid. A darker colour depicts that you should change the fluid. 

Change Lubricants and Oil Filters

Don’t you think your car is just like a machine? It works properly with the help of lubricants. 

The oil absorbs the heat created due to friction, ultimately helping the vehicle to work properly. Although, this oil requires to be refilled from time to time. Why? Because it may get contaminated. 

Not only oil you should also change the oil filter. Why? Because it works to prevent oil contamination and keeps it clean. During it, dust and dirt get accumulate in the oil filter. So some experts advise changing it too.

Faulty Spark Plug

The spark plug plays a vital role in starting your car’s engine. But a faulty spark plug can be troublesome. It can make the engine fail, reduce your car’s mileage, cause poor starting, etc. That’s why as a car owner, you should also keep an eye on spark plugs. If you doubt it is faulty, you must change it. 

Some signs of a faulty spark plug are –

  • Uneven acceleration
  • Decreased car mileage
  • More vibrations and noise while idling
  • The car’s engine starts only when you insert the key many times, etc. 

Change the cabin air filter.

The air filter ensures a proper supply of clean air in the car and must be changed regularly. It also helps to give the proper cooling.

So if you feel that there isn’t a proper supply of oxygen in the car or the cooling system isn’t working well, you must look to change the cabin air filter. 

You can use the user manual to learn the process of changing it. 

End Note 

If you are a car owner who wishes to keep it sustained for a long time, you should keep it maintained. As an owner, it is your duty to keep away every possible risk.

It will not only keep your car brand-new but also keep you safe. For maintenance, you can follow some of the car care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the basic maintenance of a car?

    Basic maintenance involves checking and changing parts like spark plugs, oil filters, brake fluids, etc. 

  2. How can I be a good car owner?

    To be a good car owner, you must know about your car. For that, you can go through the user manual. Besides, you must keep it well-maintained. 

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