Mario Dumaual Cause of Death Revealed

It took five months for us to finally have closure on the mysterious passing of 25-year-old Mario Dumaual. After much anticipation, the official cause of his death has finally been revealed.
Mario Dumaual's Cause of Death Revealed
Mario Dumaual’s Cause of Death
Mario Dumaual, a popular TV host in the Philippines, passed away in January 2021. There has been much speculation regarding the cause of his death. However, an official statement from his family has confirmed that Mario had chronic health issues that included kidney failure and hypertension.

Mario’s family reported that he had been receiving regular dialysis and undergoing the necessary medical tests prior to his death. Although his condition was stable and he was even shooting for a new show episode on January 9, 2021, Mario had a sudden aneurysm rupture which led to his demise. This is in line with the autopsy report and the official statement from his family.

The Philippines entertainment industry and fans around the world have mourned the death of Mario Dumaual. He will surely be missed and remembered.

This tragic news comes as a huge shock to Mario’s family, friends, and fans. We here at News Times send our deepest condolences. This has been an emotional time for Mario’s family but hopefully they can find some comfort in the fact that Mario’s cause of death has finally been revealed and that he can now rest in peace.

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