Martin Shkreli’s 2023 Release Date: Here’s What to Know

Ah, Martin Shkreli. His name inspires strong reactions from people—applause or condemnation. The former CEO and founder of consumer healthcare and Biopharma companies has made headlines for not only his business success, but for controversial and criminal activities. Recently, there was news that Shkreli’s 2023 release date had been set, and with this news, we decided to take a deeper look at the details and let you know what you need to know about Martin Shkreli and his 2023 release date.
Martin Shkreli's 2023 Release Date: Here's What to Know

Martin Shkreli, the notorious “Pharma bro,” was sentenced to seven years in prison on March 9, 2018 for securities fraud. Before serving his sentence, he was held in a federal detention center in Brooklyn, New York.

Since his incarceration, many people have asked about Martin Shkreli’s release date. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to provide an exact timetable for his release. Generally, prisoners who are convicted of non-violent offenses may be eligible for early release after serving 85% of their sentence. This means that, given the length of his sentence, Martin Shkreli could potentially be paroled after 5.95 years.

In addition to being eligible for parole, there is another way Martin Shkreli may be released early. The Compassionate Release Program, which was established by the Bureau of Prisons in 2013, allows inmates to petition for an earlier release

  • if they suffer from a terminal illness or permanent physical condition
  • if their age and physical condition create a substantial risk of death
  • if their sentence was based on a sentencing structure which has been drastically reduced

Therefore, it’s possible that Martin Shkreli could be released early for one of these reasons. For further information about his release date, it’s best to check regularly with the Bureau of Prisons.

It will be a long time before Martin Shkreli can walk the streets as a free man again, but all signs point to his release coming in 2023. Until then, we will wait to see if the public’s view of the former pharmaceutical CEO changes as the years go by.

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