Meet Alan Rickman’s Loving Wife

It’s been five years since Alan Rickman, beloved actor and director, passed away, and we’re here to introduce you to his loving wife, Rima Horton. Although their marriage was kept private for most of their life, marriage documents show that Alan and Rima were together for almost four decades. That’s right, for almost 40 years, the two were inseparable. We’ve got all the details on their sweet love story, so come and meet Alan Rickman’s loving wife, Rima Horton.

Alan Rickman was married to actress Rima Horton. The couple met in 1965, when they were both in their late teens. They kept their relationship relatively private and stayed together until Rickman’s death in 2016.

They made their bond official in 2012 and had been together for close to the half-century mark. Horton herself is a successful figure, having been a Labour Party Councillor in London. She also had a career in accounting, while also interning at the House of Commons. She has authored several pieces of literature, including two novels.

  • A Labour Party Councillor
  • Career in Accounting
  • Interned at the House of Commons
  • Published Author

It’s clear that Rima Horton was a great support and friend to Alan Rickman throughout their long and loving relationship. She was by his side until his last days, and her undying devotion will be remembered.

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