Meet Jenna Davis’ Siblings – the Davis Family

Do you love the Davis Family? Meet Jenna Davis’ siblings, and get to know one of America’s favorite families a little better! In this article, you’ll get the scoop on who Jenna’s siblings are, a little bit about each of them, and maybe even a few fun facts along the way. So let’s jump into learning all about the Davis Family!
Meet Jenna Davis' Siblings - the Davis Family
Jenna Davis does not have any siblings. She is an only child born to parents Peter Davis and Kathleen Davis. Her parents divorced when she was only three years old, which may have been why they decided not to have any more children.

At the age of seven, Jenna moved to Melbourne with her mother, where she began her career in acting and dance. Although she has no siblings, she considers any of her friends who come to stay with her as her “family”. She has also had a great amount of support from her extended family. She often travels to different places with them, to the beach or to Disneyland, or to watch movies. Jenna is often heard saying “My family is like one big extended family”.

We’ve just met the Davis family and got to know Jenna’s siblings. Now you have a better idea about the dynamic of this loving family. From Jeffrey to Linda to Jack to Jenna, it’s clear that the Davis family is full of passion, kindness, and love. Until next time!

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