Meet Rondell Sheridan and His Siblings!

Are you ready to meet the Sheridan family? Then look no further – meet Rondell Sheridan and his siblings! Rondell Sheridan is a comedian, actor, and TV star who has made quite a splash in the entertainment industry. He is joined by his talented siblings, who are also making a name for themselves in the world of acting and show business. Along with shining in their own right, the Sheridan family are a tight-knit group and always support each other. In this article, we’ll get an exclusive insight into their lives and find out all about the Sheridan family.
Meet Rondell Sheridan and His Siblings!

Rondell Sheridan is an American actor best known for his childhood roles in the television series Bella and the Bulldogs and Cousin Skeeter. He is the second of four siblings–all involved in the entertainment industry in one way or another.

  • Victor Sheridan III: Is the eldest sibling and the only brother. He attended Yale University and works primarily in film production.
  • Vivien Sheridan: Is the eldest sister. She is a dancer and worked as a radio host in Chicago.
  • Rondell Sheridan: Is the second oldest sibling. He is the most recognized and worked as an actor throughout his career.
  • Charisse Sheridan: Is the youngest sibling. She has worked as an actress and models.

Presently, the siblings are all spread out across the country, with Victor based in Los Angeles and Vivien working as a singer-songwriter in Austin. Despite their distance, they remain close, with Victor taking a leadership role and looking out for the rest of his siblings.

Rondell Sheridan alongside his siblings is an impressive group of human beings. They each have already achieved many successes in their professional and personal lives. We are sure that they will keep blazing the trail well into the future, so be sure to keep an eye out for what these creative geniuses are up to!

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