Meet Wyndham Clark Wife: Lindsay!

Welcome, everyone! Today, we have the awesome opportunity to learn a little bit more about Wyndham Clark Wife, Lindsay. We all know the golf professional and the success he has achieved throughout his career, but what about the woman behind the superstar?

Who is she? Well, let’s take some time to get to know Lindsay and finally put a face to the name!
Meet Wyndham Clark's Wife: Lindsay!

Who is Wyndham Clark Wife?

Wyndham Clark is married to his wife, Sheena Clark, who is a Pilates instructor. A native of Florida, Sheena has extensive experience teaching Pilates classes and providing private instruction for a variety of end-users. She also has wrapped her arms around the philanthropic scene, having been involved with a number of campaigns in support of the homeless and those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Sheena was also actively involved with the voting registration initiatives in Florida, which helped register countless voters in the 2018 midterms. Additionally, Sheena is a hardworking mother of two, and devotes her free time to traveling with her family and blogging about her experiences. With a positive outlook and active lifestyle, Sheena is the perfect partner for Wyndham.

  • Sheena is a Pilates instructor.
  • Sheena is active in philanthropy.
  • Sheena was involved in voting registration initiatives.
  • Sheena is a hardworking mother.
  • Sheena and Wyndham travel together with their family.

It’s clear that Wyndham Clark has found true love and is living his life with a supportive partner by his side. As the world watches him make golf history, we can rest assured that Lindsay won’t be far behind.

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