Overtime Megan Leaked Dropped Twitter

It’s not often that a whole lot of news comes from Twitter, however, it looks like somebody over there made a big splash this week! Megan Leaked Dropped Twitter and the news has shaken the platform from top to bottom. Who knew this kind of a stir could be caused in the Twitterverse? But what exactly happened and why is it making headlines? Read on for the details!
Megan Leaked Dropped Twitter - Who Knew?

Megan Thee Stallion caused ripples around the world when she revealed on Twitter that she would be releasing her single ‘Overtime’ after dropping her first album ‘Fever’. Fans of the Houston rapper were ecstatic with the news and couldn’t wait to hear the latest track. ‘Overtime’ is a bouncy, upbeat jam that exudes confidence and power.

The anticipation around ‘Overtime’ was high as Megan has an impressive track record for delivering hits. She has been a major player in the rap and hip-hop scene since she first burst onto the music scene back in 2016. Her debut single ‘Big Ole Freak’ accelerated her career and since then she just seems to get better and better.

  • The single was dropped July 22, 2019.
  • The single was well received by Megan’s fans.

Clearly, Megan has managed to surprise many with her leaked tweet on Twitter. It’s quite clear that she has her reasons for posting it in this way and only time will tell if she will gain from this bold move. Nevertheless, whatever happens next, Megan will without a doubt have an interesting story to tell.

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