Midwest Sandwich Chain’s Shocking Embezzlement Scheme

We’ve all heard about large corporate frauds, but it’s not every day that we hear of a small, Midwest sandwich chain and its shocking embezzlement scheme. Let’s dig deeper.
Midwest Sandwich Chain's Shocking Embezzlement Scheme

Recently, a story has been published that brings into light a large-scale embezzlement from a midwest sandwich chain. Here are some highlights of this troubling case:

  • Approximately $20 million was “stolen” from the chain
  • One individual has been charged with multiple accounts of embezzlement
  • The company has recently filed a lawsuit against the accused

The Alleged Scheme. The accusations detail that the alleged embezzler used a maze of companies to funnel and launder money. He also served as the CEO at the same embattled company, and allegedly wrote company checks to himself, family members and associates. In all, the individual is accused of taking approximately $20 million.

Aftermath. The chain has since filed a lawsuit against their former executive, demanding the return of the money and damages. At this time, the legal process is still underway, so no verdicts have been reached.

We hope that this scandal serves as a cautionary tale for other Midwest sandwich chains to be wary of keeping tabs of their financials. With the investigation into the embezzlement schemes still underway, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the story as more details are revealed.

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