One Piece – Miss Buckingham Stussy 2023: Read Online!

Miss Buckingham Stussy

One piece manga has released a new chapter – 1072. Spoilers of the chapters have already been released. And from them, people got to know the real identity of Miss Buckingham Stussy. She was a mystery till the point. So in this article, we will discuss her true identity. 

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Who is Miss Buckingham stussy?

She is a character introduced in the latest chapter of the one-piece manga. She is a member of CPO agents. She is the clone of Miss Stussy, a former member of the rock pirates. As I told you, she is a clone so she looks more like the former member. Her powers are not fully known yet. 

As of now, she has just shown her biting capability and vampire-like wings. Fans have not seen her in this form before. She bit Kaku and put her to sleep which indicates that she can put anyone to sleep just by biting that person. 

Her loyalty to Vegapunk was also divulged in the chapter. She stopped the CPO agents who were confronting the Strawhats. After stopping them, she targeted Lucci with the intent to put him to sleep. 

She may possess some strange abilities because she was a member of Rock Pirates. But this is yet to be confirmed. 

⏩ She is the first successful duplicate created by MADS. 

Her Powers

In the newest chapter, she has only shown her flying powers with vampire wings and her vampire fangs. She possesses the power to put people to sleep just by biting them. 

There is no confirmation on whether she has any devil fruits because she is just a clone. And a clone only acquires the original’s biological form. 

How did Miss Stussy become a vampire? 

Stussy certainly has vampire powers but there is no answer to how she managed to have those powers. According to mythological stories, humans can be affected by vampire powers only when they are bitten by a vampire. 

But there is no known vampire in the manga yet. So it is a mystery how she turned into that. 

Summing up… 

I know many of you are fans of one-piece manga and curious to know about Miss Buckingham Stussy. But all the secrets about her are not revealed yet. You’ll get to know this in further chapters. So wait for it. 

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