{Live} Nicole Hurricane Update: Nicole makes landfall in Florida

Nicole Hurricane Update

Storms, cyclones, tornadoes, etc. Are common in the Florida region. Now, tropical storm Nicole has been affecting that area. Here to get Nicole hurricane update? Stay tuned – It hit Florida with a speed of 79 mph. 

More than 3 lac houses and businesses across Florida were without electricity on Thursday. Hurricane Nicole has converted into a tropical storm, but this doesn’t mean that it is not dangerous. It is still dangerous, causing heavy rains and powerful winds in the area. 

This rare November Nicole hurricane caused a landfall on Thursday. On the same day, The National Hurricane Center warned that this would result in heavy rains and strong winds, which can further lead to flooding. 

A senior hurricane specialist has said that this tropical storm is life-threatening. He advised the region’s people to take all important actions to protect them from flooding conditions and other dangerous situations that are expected to arise. 

This tropical storm washed a lot of sea turtles ashore across the Treasure coast. On Thursday, several broken turtle eggs were found with the debris on the beach. The Ian hurricane has previously done similar damages.   

But now, many communities are relieved after Nicole’s centre rolled through. In Fellsmere, streets are now open. Police in this area has reported that there is no major flooding.

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Where did hurricane nicole make landfall (Hit)?

It was moving at a speed of 14 mph, and forecasters predicted that it would take a turn towards the north. 

Although, a senior hurricane specialist has said that there is no need to focus on the exact path of this storm. It is a large storm which will result in a lot of damage. 

The centre of this hurricane was predicted to originate over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico on Thursday. And then it was expected to move across Florida, Panhandle, Georgia, and the Carolinas on Friday. 

Impacts of tropical storm Nicole – 

There are various impacts of a tropical storm, including Nicole. It can be hazardous to people’s lives. Storm surge, flooding, extreme winds, tornadoes, lighting, etc. These are some of the major effects. 

Not only this, but these storms also affect social life – it leaves a lot of people homeless. Lack of clean drinking water, sanitation, and water-borne diseases highly affect the people of the affected area. 

Blockage of roads and railway networks is a common thing. Unemployment is another major impact of these kinds of natural calamities. 

In the end, I would just recommend you stay safe if you are in the affected areas. And if you are not in the affected areas, just pray for people stuck there. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do hurricanes mostly occur in Florida?

Florida lies near the equator and is a perfect region for tropical winds, which causes a constant cycle of warm air. 

Why do hurricanes hit Florida and not California? 

There are two major reasons behind this – cold ocean water temperature and trade winds direction. 

Where do hurricanes happen the most in Florida?

Northwest Florida due to the Gulf of Mexico. 

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