Olivier piou will leave the management of gemalto at the end

Olivier piou will leave the management of gemalto at the end: It’s big news in the world of IT security, with reports emerging that Olivier Piou is set to step away from his top-level role at Gemalto. The breaking news has already been splashed across the tech sector and it will be interesting to see who – if anyone – is able to fill the shoes of the highly respected executive.

Olivier Piou Leaving Gemalto Management

Olivier piou will leave the management of gemalto at the end

Gemalto, a digital security company and leader in data encryption, has announced that CEO Olivier Piou will leave the company at the end of the year after six successful years at the helm. With total revenues of €3.4 Billion in 2017, Mr. Piou leaves the company well positioned for future growth.

The responsibilities of Mr. Piou will be taken over by Philippe Vallée, Gemalto’s CTO. Mr. Vallée has played a key role in the development of Gemalto’s business and strategy for many years. Under Mr. Vallée’s leadership, internal upgrades to the company’s software systems, organizational structure, and portfolio will continue moving forward.

Mr. Piou’s legacy includes:

  • A one-third increase in Gemalto’s revenues in 2017
  • The development of high-performance data encryption solutions
  • The achievement of clear market leadership in key areas
  • The strengthening of the company’s global presence

Under Mr. Vallée’s direction, the company will continue striving for excellence in developing and executing cutting-edge data protection strategies. As Gemalto moves away from traditional security solutions and into more innovative products, the leadership of Mr. Vallée will help bring a new level of excellence in terms of data security to the market.

It appears that Gemalto’s future plans for success continue to be in the capable hands of the remaining management figures. It will be interesting to see how Olivier Piou’s leaving will shape the company’s future ahead, and we will follow up with any further developments in the story.

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