Padma Bridge Paragraph Longest bridge in the south Asian region & The World!

Padma Bridge Paragraph

The brook Padma Bridge Paragraph has peaks that are quiet and calm in winter, merciless and violent in summer. Padma prospers within the tongues of poets, within the vocals of singers, and throughout our hearts. Prime Minister Sheik Hasina established the Padma Bridge Paragraph Innovation with our sympathetic finances on December 12, 2015.

As a result, some other notable bankruptcies were found in the Bangladesh records. On that day, she inducted the river schooling jobs of Padma Bridge innovation at Jajira, Shariatpur, and Mawa, Munshiganj, as well as a wide range of seven piling innovations of critical bridges at Mawa orbit in Munshiganj. Thus, the improvement of an important bridge began officially.

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Article AboutPadma Bridge Paragraph: 122th longest bridge in the world and the longest bridge in the south Asian region!

The Official Inauguration

Following the honorable inauguration of the PM, the piling of a variety of seven pillars begins in a single-kilometer internal river mattress in Mawa, with accommodations changing to shoveling through 10-kilo-ton hydraulic hammers brought in from Germany.

Every six pilings will provide beginning one unmarried pillar withinside the river mattress. The Padma Bridge Paragraph will join the two river banks of Padma, primarily based on the forty-two pillars.

The Padma Bridge Paragraph is a key to the strategy for the various improvement in the southern location of Bangladesh. In 2011, Bangladesh councils approved a concession with the World Bank and several companies, including ADB & Jaika, for the account.

Initially, the World Bank decided to donate $1 Billion for the undertaking. Nonetheless in 2012, the World Bank abolished its credit score payment to excuse apparent fraud.

It shattered the fantasy of Padma Bridge Paragraph for a reasonably short period. Immediately Bangladesh authorities took a bold initiative to assemble the Padma Bridge Paragraph with its finances.

Today Padma Bridge Paragraph is on the verge of a hit completion. Eventually, the start of labor orders was launched in November 2014 and began in December 2014.

Primary ambassador Sheikh Hasina established the river schooling endeavors for Padma Bridge Paragraph innovation at Jajira in Shariatpur in 2015. On the same day, she inducted the belief bridge innovation in Mawa.

The layout of Padma Bridge

The interval of the Bridge is approximately 6.15 kilometers. It is expected to be the lengthiest road bridge in Bangladesh when finalized. The bridge is being designed in Mawa in Munshiganj & Jazeera.

It will unite Louhajong in Munshiganj & Madaripur areas, correlating the north area and jap regions to the south & west are of the nation. The bridge may have a complete forty-two pillars.

Among these, forty may be withinside the river, and the two others may be on technique roads for connecting bridges.

Each may have six piles within the river for each pillar, in overall 240 piles. Twelve piles for every one of the two pillars out of doors make 24 greater piles. An overall 264 piles may be there.


  1. What is Padma Bridge?

    Padma bridge is a bridge that may be very stunning in winter.

  2. What offers finances for the bridge?

    Prime Minister Sheik Hasina.

  3. How many hydraulic hammers are there?

    There are 10 Thousand heaps of Hydraulic Hammer.

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