Paul Henri Nargeolet: Titanic’s Unsung Hero

Meet Paul Henri Nargeolet, a real-life unsung hero from the ill-fated Titanic. While his exemplary bravery and valor are oft-forgotten in the history books, his heroic actions on the night of April 14, 1912, helped save the lives of as many as 700 passengers and crew during the disaster. Read on to learn more about this lesser-known hero of Titanic fame.
Paul Henri Nargeolet: Titanic's Unsung Hero

Paul Henri Nargeolet is a French underwater archaeologist famous for having identified the wreck of the Titanic in 1985. He is recognized as one of the foremost experts in detecting, exploring and telling the story of the Titanic.

Nargeolet joined the French Navy as an engineer and stayed there for twenty-two years. After leaving the Navy he became a freelance underwater surveyor and oceanographic specialist. After joining a diving trip in 1985, he located Titanic’s wreck using a remote controlled submersible robot. He went on to make over 100 dives to the shipwreck, mapping and exploring it in its entirety.

  • Assisted French navy in detecting wrecks
  • Located the wreck of Titanic in 1985
  • Made over 100 dives to the Titanic
  • Has explored the wreck in its entirety
  • Recognized as one of the foremost experts in the story of the Titanic

Paul Henri Nargeolet certainly deserves more recognition for his bravery, considering he didn’t get distraught or give up in a time of turbulence and despair. It is quite evident that Paul Henri Nargeolet was indeed a true hero who persevered in his search for survivors of the doomed cruise ship, ensuring the legacy of the Titanic, even if his name was not widely known.

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