Piso Wifi Pause Time, Logout, Voucher Code & All Features!

Are you facing issues in using the internet? Don’t be concerned about it as you have piso wifi pause time. You can use this internet provider in the Philippines. It provides internet access at cheap rates and is safe to use. Now, let’s discuss the details of Piso wifi pause time. 

What is Piso wifi pause time?

It is a Philippines internet service provider that has a lot of offers. It was developed in 2017, and users can use the services using coins. 

It is a rental service in which vending machines are used to deliver internet services. This service is for those who can’t afford internet service in the Philippines. Everyone in the country can take advantage of the piso wifi pause time services.

Piso Wifi Pause Time


Don’t worry about the devices it is compatible with, as you can use it with any wifi-enabled device. 

Some more details about Piso wifi pause time services.

Below is the list-

  • Handiest internet service for those people who aren’t able to pay for the internet services.
  • IP address can be used any time. It is very useful and essential. 
  • The management system is great so that the administrator can manage it anywhere.
  • Piso wifi helps the users in dealing with bandwidth, users and rate time.
  • Easy to use because users don’t need to use any lengthy process for using the services. 
  • Charges are negligible. 
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Year2022 piso wifi voucher code

Before using the voucher code, you should know how you can generate it. So I’m giving you a detailed guide on that below-

  • Login to the admin portal of by filling in your login details. 
  • Now, click on the top left corner (on the three horizontal lines).
  • Tap on “voucher generator.”
  • Tap on “generate voucher” from there. 
  • Add the information requested there and then tap on “generate“. 
  • Now, you’ll be given many voucher codes that you can use on Piso wifi.

Also, we will update daily new voucher codes below, so don’t forget to check them out!

1RC7iCy1 Hr 0 minFreenext 1 hrs
246qXtw1 Hr 0 minFreenext 4 hr
3YS5rGX1 Hr 0 minFreenext 2 hr
4VSUJg51 Hr 0 minFreenext 1 hr


How to login piso wifi?

Want to log in to Piso wifi and for every work smoothly? Logging on yo Piso wifi is not a great deal. The steps are straightforward and clear. Here are the steps-

  1. Open your browser and then visit the website.
  1. You’ll see a login page there, so enter your username and password.
piso wifi login
  1. Click on sign in and done. 

Haven’t registered yourself on Piso wifi yet?

No issues; you can easily register yourself on the website. When you register yourself, you’ll be asked about your name, email ID, mobile number and password that you want to set for your account. 

Just fill in these details and enjoy piso wifi. 

Unable to access

Are you unable to access piso wifi pause time? There are solutions for it, so you can try those to access it. If you are facing any problems in logging in, try-

  • Resetting the modem to factory settings .
factory settings
  • Try changing the settings of the wifi connection on your device, etc. 

What is LPB Piso wifi pause time?

Lpb Piso wifi pause time offers its users various features and programs. These features and programs can easily be used according to the convenience of the user. 

If you are facing a terrible internet connection, lpb Piso wifi pause time is the best alternative that you can have. 

It is a well-organized application designed in an advanced form. If you are new to lpb Piso wifi pause time, you can sign up on the platform from the “stranger” page. 

LPB Piso wifi pause time

Some of the features of this well-organized application are-

  • It has the best server.
  • It contains serverless portal features.
  • The rates are accumulated.
  • It provides users with a customizable portal.
  • User management is great.
  • It has its own software that works like a browser. 
  • Keeps the customer’s data secure. 
  • Safe as many of its users have reviewed it safe. 

The audience of this platform has given a great rank to it, and the traffic is rapidly increasing. You can also try using the services it offers as it might help you to make all your work easier. 

How do you pause time in piso wifi?

Many users want to limit their internet usage, so pausing the time in piso wifi is a great feature that they can use. The steps for pausing time in Piso wifi are simple- 

  1. First of all, visit the piso wifi website. 
  2. Log in to your account by filling in the username and password
  3. Now, you will be displayed on the dashboard. 
  4. Look at the top left corner; you’ll see three horizontal lines. 
  5. You must tap on those and then move to the “portal” option.
  6. Then go to “wifi options” and click on it.
  7. Now, click on “time.”
  8. Enable pause time and then fill up the other options given below.
  9. Lastly, click on “save“. 

That’s all. 

How to pause Piso wifi vendo?

Well, pausing Piso wifi Vendo is very simple. Here are the steps required to follow to pause piso wifi vendo-

pause Piso wifi vendo
  • Move to your browser and search for

Note: Don’t type as nothing exists as such.

  1. Once you click on search, you’ll be directed to a new page where you need to enter your login credentials. So enter them.
  2. Tap on “sign-in” to successfully sign in. 
  3. After signing in, a dashboard will appear. 
  4. There you need to move to the general settings. How? by clicking on the three horizontal lines on your screen’s top left corner
  5. There you will find the option of pause time/auto-pause
  6. Enable this option, and then you will be given the option of pausing Piso wifi Vendo ( when you visit the again.


Piso wifi pause time is the service provider that is making people’s lives easy. Traffic on this website is increasing daily, so you can consider it a worth-it investment. Have any questions regarding piso wifi pause time? I’m here to answer; ask me in the comments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you reset your password?

To reset the password, you must do a full reset on your modem. Otherwise, there is no way to reset the password.

How can you pause the wifi time?

The steps are-
Log in to your account and then move to parental controls.
Hit on ” control a device.”
Choose the device from the given list and then click on pause internet access.
After this, you can pause the internet connection for that particular device.

Of which country piso wifi pause time website?

It’s a Philippines internet service provider.

Is piso wifi pause wifi safe to use?

Yes, most people consider it safe to use.

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Are you facing issues in using the internet? Don't be concerned about it as you have piso wifi pause time. You can use this internet provider in the Philippines. It provides internet access at cheap rates and is safe to use. Now, let's discuss the details of Piso wifi pause time.

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