Pizza pack shark tank

It looks like pizza is about to get a whole lot more delicious! Pizza Pack, a new line of custom pizzas delivered straight to your door, just landed itself a deal on Shark Tank. That’s right – the makers of Pizza Pack got to hobnob with billionaires and win a deal that’s sure to help their business take off. Read on to learn all about Pizza Pack’s big accomplishment!
Pizza Pack Nabs a Deal on Shark Tank

Pizza Pack Clean Eating Shark Tank

Pizza Pack Clean Eating entered the ABC Network’s Shark Tank in 2017 to pitch its invention of a pizza box that doubles as a plate. The invention came about when the founders were unable to find healthy lunches for their children. They created a pizza plate out of sturdy cardboard which not only allowed kids to eat pizza for lunch, but also keep their leftovers.

The team entered the Shark Tank asking for a $400,000 investment with 20% equity in the company. The Sharks were impressed by pizza boxes as a concept and loved the idea of offering a more nutritious lunch option to kids, but asked tough questions about production. After going back and fourth the team was able to negotiate a deal with 2 of the sharks for $400,000 for a 35% stake.

The Pizza Pack Clean Eating invention has seen huge success and sold out multiple times in most retail stores. With the help of the 2 Sharks who invested, the founders with their idea were able to scale the company and the box has reached more schools and young children. Not only have they been featured on ABC Network’s Shark Tank, but also Food Network and CBS.

Thanks for reading about Pizza Pack’s success on Shark Tank. It’s extremely exciting to see how small businesses are able to grow when given an opportunity, and it’s inspiring to think that this success could one day be replicated. Whether you’re a fan of pizza or just an aspiring entrepreneur, Pizza Pack’s story is sure to be an inspiration.

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