Pokeplaylist Herokuapp Com (2022) Apple Music & Spotify!

Pokeplaylist Herokuapp Com

Spotify is an audio streaming application that allows users to listen to music and podcasts. Nowadays, many things are trending related to Spotify, like Spotify icebergPokeplaylist Herokuapp, etc.

You might have heard about the Spotify iceberg, which was trending. Just like that trend, nowadays, pokeplaylist is trending. Have you heard about it? Want to know more about it? Yes? You are at the right place; here, I’ll explain everything regarding the pokeplaylist. So read till the end.

What is pokeplaylist?

Pokeplaylist is something that generates pokemon cards of the top three artists of its users. It creates a list of three artists based on users ‘ month history. 

What is pokeplaylist herokuapp?

It is a website that most people use to create Pokemon cards of their top three artists. It helps the users judge what kind of music they listen to. Poke playlist herokuapp was developed by Mr. Matt Ognibene.

He said that the inspiration behind developing this website came from a frank ocean fan who created pokemon cards for Frank’s album. From that, he thought of doing something like this and started creating the website.

Individuals who want to use the website need to keep their Spotify data on the website, and only then can it create pokemon cards of the most listened to artists. Not only this, but it also asks the users if they want to create a pokemon card that tells their music taste.

You might have used various websites of this type, but none of them describe the user’s musical taste. So if you also want a description of your musical taste, the poke playsite herokuapp website is your best and only option.

Overview Details

Name of the WebsitePokeplaylist Herokuapp Com
Available ForApple Music & Spotify
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Want to know about the hit albums of your top artists and their followers?

Don’t worry; the pokemon cards will tell you everything. The website also tells about their hit albums and followers by creating cards of the top three listeners. Spotify’s popular rank is also mentioned on the pokemon cards.

You also have the option to create cards based on six monthssixone month, and all time periods. So you can also create your cards on an all-time basis. It will also help you keep track of your musical waste and how your taste changes. 

Note- if the users belong to the cynical category, the pokemon cards will feel more like cyberbullying the listeners and their musical taste. 

Want to understand how the website works?

Well, it’s still not clear and a bit difficult to understand the criteria used by the website.

How to create your own pokeplaylist? 

It’s simple to create your pokeplaylist. Follow the instructions-

  1. Visit any browser and then search for the pokeplaylist herokuapp. 
  2. Open the website.

Don’t want to search for the website? Here’s the solution-

Click on the here provided link to visit the website- https://pokeplaylist.herokuapp.com/

After clicking on this link, you will be directly directed to the website. 

Either search for it or click on the link; both will take you to the website. After visiting the website, follow the steps-

  1. Now you will see a login option on your display. Tap on it. 

You will be given many options to log in to the website by using a Facebook ID, mobile number, email address, etc. You can also continue with Apple and your email id and password. 

Log in the way you have logged in to your Spotify account. 

Note- you need to have a Spotify account to create the pokemon cards. If you don’t have one, make it first and then look for creating pokemon cards. 

  1. Now, the permission page will appear on your screen stating that to continue using the website; you grant these permissions to the website. 

Read all the things properly and decide whether you are okay to give the website those permissions or not. If you are okay, click on the “agree” option given at the bottom. 

  1. You will be given three options- last month

Last six months

All time

Choose the time period you want the website to create a pokemon card.

Create your pokemon cards and get to know about the following things-

  • Your favourite artists.
  • Their top albums and followers
  • Their Spotify rank
  • And your musical taste.
  • Receiptify
  • Reciptify
  • Statsforspotify


Pokeplaylist herokuapp is an amazing website that allows Spotify listeners to know about the most listened to artists. It also tells the listeners about the musical taste.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is pokeplaylist safe?

    The trust score of pokeplaylist.herokuapp is 100, so chances are high that the website is safe to use. There are positive reviews about the website. It also has an SSL certificate which indicates that the website is secure to use. 
    Although there is no certainty, so use it at your own risk.

  2. Who developed the pokeplaylist? 

    Poke playlist herokuapp was developed by Mr Matt Ognibene.

  3. Does pokeplaylist herokuapp have an SSL certificate?

    Yes, it has an SSL certificate which indicates the website is safe to use and won’t harm your device. 

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