Pokimane Open Shirt Accident: Vod, Clip, Twitter & Reddit!

Pokimane Open Shirt Accident

The pokimane open shirt accident has gathered a lot of attention, and the people who don’t know much about the incident are surfing the internet to learn everything about the same. Are you one of them? If so, read the article attentively, and you’ll get all your answers about the pokimane open shirt accident. Let’s begin – 

NamePokimane Open Shirt Accident
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Who is Pokimane? 

The 26-year-old Moroccan Canadian streamer, who is primarily regarded as the face of Twitch, has become an internet sensation. 

Her open shirt leaked video is surfing the internet even though she instantly deleted that stream. However, it does not work because it has been captured and posted on the internet. 

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What was the Pokimane leaked about?

 On 15th November 2022, she encountered a wardrobe malfunction in her live stream in front of thousands of viewers. 

She stood up and walked away from her computer, and when she returned, a portion of her shirt was moved. Because of this, her chest was exposed. 

She didn’t realize it initially. 

After coming back to the video again, she introduced herself and added, “hi, so I have a science question for everyone.” 

After this, she realized that her clothes were moving, exposing her chest. After realizing this, she instantly covered herself up and went offline. After that, she also took down the Vod

The viewers captured that scene and posted it on various social media platforms. Although, moderators have taken down some clips. These short clips grabbed everyone’s attention and gained thousands of likes. 

She went live again after that incident but didn’t mention anything about it. 

What was the reason behind the wardrobe malfunction incident?

Well, there is no information regarding that. No one knows if it happened on purpose or by accident. 

How did people react to this wardrobe malfunction incident? 

One person said that watching that clip felt illegitimate. 

Another said that the video had turned him on, and he wanted more of Pokimane’s photos and videos. 

Many are also worried about how terrible she feels after this incident. 

Some people on Twitter are asking for that video, and others are saying that they can send the leaked clip over to the DM. 

One individual even posted that video mentioning that pokimane got some fat melons. 

People aren’t being supportive to her. 

Is her Twitch account suspended?

Well, there is no information on whether Twitch will ban her account. 

Pokimane will update you via her social media handles if anything like that happens. 

Final Words –

So this is all about the pokimane open shirt accident and the leaked video. Everything that happened is against the community guidelines of Twitch, but her account isn’t banned yet. 

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