Popo Viral Twitter Statue: The Story Behind It

Popo’s Viral Twitter Statue has been blowing up the internet lately, and since their ‘big day’ recently, people have been talking about it non-stop! What is the story behind this mysterious little statue that has captured the fascination of the world? Let’s dive deep into the story behind Popo’s Viral Twitter Statue and explore its origin, meaning, and significance.
Popo's Viral Twitter Statue: The Story Behind It

The hashtag #PopoViralPatungTwitter recently started trending on social media due to the viral circulation of an image of a carved wooden figure popped up in many parts of Indonesia. The figure caused a stir among netizens who were trying to find out the origin of this strange yet intriguing figure.

The wooden figure is depicted as wearing a blue gingham shirt with matching pants, and has a friendly smile on its face. It was identified as a pohon asmaragama, a wooden figure of a “spiritual” figure associated with Hindu-Buddhist mythology in Indonesia. In popular culture, it is believed that a pohon asmaragama will bring luck and safety.

  • Netizens speculated that the figure could have been made by a craftsman in Java.
  • Since the “pohon asmaragama” has gained notoriety, people have been buying replicas of it for luck.
  • A few weeks later, the hashtag was used again when people took creative photos of the pohon asmaragama in different settings.

It seems like the popularity of #PopoViralPatungTwitter is creating a buzz in the Indonesian online community. People have been actively discussing their opinions on the figure and sharing various creative photos and videos of it on Twitter. We may not know who created the pohon asmaragama, but it certainly made quite an impression on the public.

Popo may be gone, but his legacy will live on. His viral tweet statue has become an overnight symbol of hope, resilience, and believing in yourself. Thanks to Popo and his statue, his story has touched the hearts of people all around the world, proving that a single powerful message can create a lasting impact.

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