Rastreamento Correios 2022: Everything You Need To Know!

Rastreamento Correios

For anyone who buys online, monitoring applications despatched with the aid of using Rastreamento Correios is essential.

At different times, we had been compelled to test the professional internet site of the national organization every day for news. Today, however, we’ve got a sequence of apps and offerings to simplify existence that moves past the Rastreamento Correios app.

We’ve indexed seven app alternatives for monitoring applications from Rastreamento Correios, well suited with iOS, Android, and a few on an internet version. We have indexed three approaches to testing your orders without putting something in your molecular phone.

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1. Muambator

The first at the listing is with the aid of using away the maximum popular. Muambator iOS, Android, and the internet are one of the pioneers of its class in Brazil.

Before everything, it became blocked with the aid of using the Post Office, in an episode that changed into by no means properly explained. Today, it has one of the cutest interfaces amongst its peers, conveying the precise concept of ​​being easy to apply.

As Muambator calls for a consumer account, it permits synchronization among programs and the internet version, has a separate tab for taxed orders, gives tags labels and classes to become aware of applications with the aid of using kind, and might tell the consumer approximately popularity adjustments of orders with the aid of using email.

Muambator is loose and away from the internet version. Tracking could access from any browser.

2. Rastreio Rastreamento Correios

Exclusive to Android, Rastreio Rastreamento Correios is easy and has a smooth interface with respectable functions.

Allows inclusion of orders in sequence, informs how an awful lot of time has exceeded in view that posting, and has tabs to split introduced applications from the ones which can be nonetheless in motion.

It’s a great choice for folks who need to hold matters easy, and, interestingly, that is one of the quickest receiving updates from Rastreamento Correios, similar to the professional app.

Tracking with Rastreamento Correios is free; the PRO version, which costs BRL 4.99, includes additional features such as no advertisements, the ability to import facts from Muambator, a barcode reader, a subject for querying the zip code, and a useful transport calculator with entry fields for starting place and vacation spot zip codes, package deal kind, length and weight, and declared value.

With these facts, Rastreio Rastreamento Correios PRO is ready to tell how Tracking should pay a lot to dispatch parcels.

3. 17Track

If you need to display worldwide parcels, 17Track iOS and Android are good choices. It brings the maximum statistics of approximately 220 courier businesses, together with DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, and many others.

It has an easy interface, brings a listing of carriers, permits the inclusion of batch applications, and gives a widget for monitoring your orders.

17Track itself is loose. However, it interestingly has a shop that sells AliExpress merchandise. So, it gives in-app purchases.

4. Postado!

Exclusive to iOS gadgets, iPhone, and iPad, the Posted! It is a completely easy choice for folks who no longer need similar headaches while monitoring their applications.

It gives a choice for facts access and sends push notifications on every occasion regarding the popularity of an order adjustment.

Nothing greater than that, however, the app has its target market and is quite rated on iTunes. In short, it does what it promises.

The Posted! It’s far loose.

5. Rastreador de encomendas

Don’t permit it to look idiot you: Rastreador de Parcels iOS, Android is a completely flexible app, and prefer 17Track, one of the few that permits you to music the shipping of courier offerings, however with a focal point on Brazilian couriers, together with TotalExpress, DirectLog, TNT, TransFolha and JadLog;

even though often the consumer is going immediately to the shipping company’s internet site, it earns factors for centralizing searches. The app uses OneDrive to sync facts among gadgets because it does not keep something locally.

Parcel Tracker is loose.

6. Mercado Livre

If you generally purchase and promote merchandise via Mercado Livre iOS, Android, internet, it’s feasible to music Rastreamento Correios applications in the platform’s app or internet site.

Just get admission to the transport details. It informs facts approximately departure, displacement, and function without giving too many details.

However, it’s far more feasible to apply the choice to test the facts immediately at the professional Rastreamento Correios internet site, simplest withinside the internet version.

The Free Market is loose.

7. SRO Mobile

Rastreamento Correios additionally has a monitoring app: SRO Mobile iOS and Android does now no longer have satisfactory interfaces, nor does it provide functions found in a maximum of its competitors, however as it’s far the professional utility furnished with the aid of using the nation-owned company, it offers statistics that different apps do now no longer have to get admission to.

SRO Mobile informs the kind of cargo PAC, SEDEX regular or collect, the load of the order if it changed into despatched with Acknowledgment of Receipt AR or now no longer, or withinside the Own Hand PM regime, they assure that Tracking can simplest acquire the package deal with the aid of using the recipient, with the aid of using affirmation of identity.

And if the package deal must be picked up at an organization taxed or otherwise, the app shows the cope and offers a route.

SRO Mobile is loose.

Other Post Office package deal monitoring alternatives

In addition to apps and websites that will let you seek advice from and music applications despatched with the aid of using Rastreamento Correios, you could use different offerings and get comparable results. We’ve indexed 3 of the maximum beneficial ones below.

2. RastreioBot Telegram

RastreioBot is a brilliant choice for folks who do not need to put something on their cellular device and need an easy and realistic choice.

This Telegram on the spontaneous messenger bot simplest detects orders in the country-wide territory, so in case you sign in a buy from abroad, it’ll begin updating its popularity when it arrives in Brazil.

Just sign in your order. Withinside the bot, you could input the code and an outline, and it’ll replace you on every occasion the statistics approximately a package deal adjustments.

You can get admission to Telegram via apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, laptop Windows, macOS, and Linux, and the internet version; the provider is loose.


  1. Ques. What Do We Understand By Rastreamento Correios (Postal Tracking)?

    Ans. Rastreamento Correios (Postal monitoring) or package deal logging is the procedure of localizing transport containers.

  2. Ques. How to music a courier package deal?

    Ans. Open the Correios monitoring internet site in an internet browser, And then you can Find it Easily.

  3. Ques. How to music the monitoring code?

    Ans. Download the professional Correios app for Android and iOS.

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