Refreshing Your Way Through the May Day Maze

The month of May has arrived and with it comes a jumble of special occasions – May Day, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day (to name a few!). With the days seemingly zipping by faster than ever, it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them all. Well, don’t stress any longer because we have the perfect solution for you! Get ready to refresh your way through the May Day maze and make this month an unforgettable one.

Need to restart that pesky May Day Maze? Here’s how to do it:

  • Hit the Escape button on your keyboard to get to the menu
  • Look for “Restart Maze” and select it
  • Your screen should turn black and the maze will reset

If it doesn’t restart, try toggling between full-screen and windowed mode. Go to game settings and look for “Full-Screen” or something similar. Then toggle between full-screen and windowed mode, and back again. That should fix it.

Note that functionality may vary, depending on your game settings. If the game doesn’t recognize you’re trying to reset and nothing happens, you’ll have to choose the “Quit to Desktop” option and start over.

Although May 1st may be overwhelming, there is no need to stress about all of the activities. Make sure to remember to laugh and have fun, and don’t forget to give yourself a chance to refresh often. Now that you know the most common May Day activities and how to enjoy them, you can easily discover your own way through the May Day maze.
Refreshing Your Way Through the May Day Maze

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