Remembering the Great Ocean of 250 Million Years Ago

With the ever-evolving climate surrounding us, it is difficult to imagine the world 250 million years ago. But, recent evidence has shed light on the existence of an ancient sea, believed to be known as the Great Ocean of millions of years ago. Read on to find out more about this fascinating piece of our Earth’s history!

It is incredible to think that approximately 250 million years ago a large mass of water covered much of the Earth, stretching between present-day Antarctica, Australia and South Africa. This mass of ocean water is known as the Panthalassic Ocean.

Before this massive ocean existed, it is believed that the land masses during this time were all connected in a supercontinent called Pangaea. The breaking of this grand land mass into the pieces we recognize today is known as continental drift, and it was the driving force in creating the large body of water.

  • Location – South of Antartica, Australia and South Africa
  • Lifespan – 200 million years
  • Cause of Its Formation – Continental Drift

So, what do we know about the Great Ocean of 250 million years ago? That at one time, it stretched across the entire globe; that it eventually split into smaller oceans; and that, even millions of years later, its memory still lives on today. Remember the Great Ocean of 250 million years ago—it’s an amazing testament to the ancient history of the Earth and its lifeforms.

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