Roseline katungwa viral video

Are you ready to hear the latest viral sensation? Roseline Katungwa has been taking the internet by storm with her new music video, and everyone is talking about it! This new star has fans all around the world tuning in to see what she has to offer, and they certainly won’t be disappointed. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at why Roseline’s video has gone viral and what makes it stand out from the crowd.
Roseline Katungwa Goes Viral With New Video

Roseline Katungwa Viral Video

The hilarious moment of Roseline Katungwa screaming out for help as she was forced to walk her chickens to school went viral causing an instant internet sensation. This moment was captured on video by a student on their way to school one morning in Uganda. It’s been just a few days since the video was posted on Facebook and 1.3 million views have already been recorded. It’s expected that the view count will keep rising as the video gets shared across the web.

Roseline’s attempt to take her three chickens to school to sell them caused amusement among her peers and those that saw the video. Together with her chickens in tow, the nine year old girl walked to school with pure determination to finish her task of selling her parent’s chickens. Even in the face of the rise in popularity of the video, Roseline is still adamant about her mission, she said in an interview: “Khaki-man! I will not stop until I have reached an agreement with a customer!”.

Roseline Katungwa is certainly one to watch out for! With her viral video taking off, there is bound to be plenty more of her unique videos to come. It’ll be exciting to see what else she’ll come up with and where it takes her. With her unique take on positive vibes, Roseline has a video style that is hard to deny.

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