Shark Tank’s Blendtique: Has it Hit the Big Time?

Have you heard the buzz about Blendtique, the wine-blending company that recently appeared on Shark Tank? It seems like Blendtique has become a big name in the wine industry, but just what is Blendtique and what makes it so popular and successful? In this article, we’ll take a look at Blendtique and what makes it the talk of the town.
Shark Tank's Blendtique: Has it Hit the Big Time?

We’re sure you’ve heard of legendary companies that have made the successful voyage from start-up to mainstream success, and one of the most successful of these is BlendTique – famous for appearing on Shark Tank.

BlendTique was founded by the husband and wife team of Shawn and Lizay Bensreiti, who believed that their unique proprietary “blend bar” that allowed people to create personalised and unique tea and coffee blends was a concept that could be monetised. It seemed that the team at Shark Tank agreed, as they quickly offered to invest in the product. However, Shawn and Lizay decided to refuse the offer in favour of a partnership with the world-renowned tea house, Teavana.

It was a good decision for the couple, as the partnership with Teavana helped put the BlendTique product on the map in no time. What began as a small-time business making customised blends on the BlendTique website, became a nationwide phenomenon with Teavana offering the products in their stores across the US. BlendTique’s appearance on Shark Tank is still talked about today.

  • BlendTique was founded by the husband and wife team of Shawn and Lizay Bensreiti
  • The company went on to feature on the iconic show, ‘Shark Tank’
  • The couple refused the offer of investment from the ‘Sharks’ in favour of a partnership with Teavana
  • This partnership helped put BlendTique on the map, with its products being available in Teavana stores across the US

The success story of the Blendtique speaks volumes about what it takes to stay in the game of business. The company has lasted over eight years and continues to thrive in a competitive market. It’s a true testament to the vision and dedication of its founder and CEO, Jake Metzger, as well as the unwavering support of the investors who believed steadfastly in him and his business plan. This has been a remarkable journey for the Blendtique and one that is sure to continue for a long time.

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