Solving the Second of Two Crossword Clues

Wondering how to solve that tricky second of two crossword clues? No need to worry – we’ve got you covered! Read on for some informative tips that will help you tackle and conquer even the most difficult of clues.
Solving the Second of Two Crossword Clues
The second crossword clue is often a bit more complicated than the first. When solving crosswords, it helps to first determine what kind of clue it is. Types of Clues:

  • Direct Clues: These are the most straightforward clues. They are literally referring to the answer.
  • Opposite Clues: An opposite clue is looking for something that has the opposite meaning as the answer.
  • Phrase Clues: A phrase clue asks you to put a phrase together.
  • Initials Clues: Initials clues give you the acronym for the answer.
  • Picture Clues: Picture clues are when the puzzler includes a related visual element.
  • Charade Clues: Charade clues include two or more pieces of information that you’ll need to combine.
  • Comparative Clues: Comparative clues compare your answer to something else.
  • Rebus Clues: Rebus clues substitute a portion of the desired answer with a picture or symbol.

Once you’ve determined the type of clue you have, you know what kind of information you should be looking for. A direct clue may require fewer steps than a charade clue, for example. Don’t be discouraged if a clue takes a few minutes to figure out – it’s just part of the challenge!

That’s it for today’s guide to solving the second of two crossword clues. With these tips in mind, you’ll be a whiz at any level of crossword puzzles, so pick up a pencil and get to work!

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