Spot the Difference: Who Wrote It—Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey or Ariana Grande?

Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, and Ariana Grande might all be some of the biggest names in the music industry, but can you tell them apart? In this article, you’ll get the chance to prove it: we’ll be giving you some of their most iconic song lyrics and seeing if you can actually spot the difference. Ready to take the challenge and see who wrote what? Let’s dive in!

Have you ever wondered if a Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey or Ariana Grande song could be mistaken for another artist? It’s not easy to tell—they each have very distinct styles, yet still have some similarities. Here’s a look at what makes each artist’s music so unique:

  • Taylor Swift: Swift’s music is often seen as very upbeat and cheerful, with catchier production than her peers. Her lyrics often mention scenarios and stories that many listeners can relate to.
  • Lana Del Rey: Del Rey’s music is more on the ‘dreamy’ side; her vocals are often quite soft and sultry. Her production is often quite melancholic and moody, with her lyrics featuring reminiscent and reflective themes.
  • Ariana Grande: Grande’s music is quite versatile, ranging from dance pop to R&B to hip hop. Her delivery is often very hard-hitting and melodic, with her lyrics being quite mature for her age. She focuses on topics such as female empowerment, love, and growth.

In conclusion, the music of Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande have enough uniqueness to set them apart, however if you’re listening to a track without seeing who the artist is, it can be quite difficult to spot the difference. Are you a fan of one of these artists? So there you have it, an analysis of the three most prominent pop stars of today. Although they may sound similar to each other, they each have a distinct writing style and singing approach. So, next time you identify a track on the radio, don’t forget to try to “spot the difference” and see if you can correctly guess who wrote it. Who knows, you could become an Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, or Lana Del Rey expert!

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