Stephen Mangan’s Siblings: Get to Know Them!

Welcome to the amazing family of the talented British actor, writer, and comedian Stephen Mangan! Born in London and raised in Sussex, England, Stephen has achieved a tremendous amount of success in his career that encompasses television, theater, and radio. In this article, we’ll take a look at his siblings and get to know a bit about each one of them. From the hilarious to the inspiring, let’s take a deeper dive into their lives and the relationships they share with their brother Stephen.
Stephen Mangan's Siblings: Get to Know Them!

Stephen Mangan is an English actor who is best known for his role in the television series, Episodes. He has acted in several films and TV shows, as well as plays.

Stephen Mangan Siblings

Stephen Mangan comes from a large family. He is one of five children, two of whom are his fraternal twins, named Verdun Patrick Mangan and Eileen Mangan. His oldest brother is named Seamus and he has two other sisters named Grace and Marian.

Mangan’s mother, Mary Blackburn, was a nurse and his father worked as an insurance broker. The Mangan family have long been active in theatre, film and television and have been credited with contributing to the evolution of theatre in the English Midlands. Stephen’s twin brother, Verdun, is an actor and producer, having produced films such as The Butterfly Effect and The Bank Job. Stephen is very close to all of his siblings, often performing on stage alongside them or promoting their work.

Mangan is also known to contribute financially to hislarge family, most notably to his twins when they had to finance their first movie, The Butterfly Effect. His siblings have each worked in the entertainment industry in some capacity and many of Stephen’s projects are often influenced by their creative input.

We’ve given you a short insight into the lives of Stephen Mangan’s siblings, and it’s clear that they all embody talent, intelligence, and wit – just like their older brother. It looks like Stephen isn’t the only one with the Mangan family magic!

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