Stuart Scurria: Remembering a Life Cut Short

We often take life for granted, yet when we hear of a sudden loss, it can remind us of just how precious each day is. Stuart Scurria was an incredible person with a heart of gold and an inspiration to all those around him, and tragically, his life was cut short. In this article, we look back at the life of Stuart Scurria and pay tribute to an amazing man who had a lasting impression on those he met.
Stuart Scurria: Remembering a Life Cut Short
Stuart Scurria – A Life Celebrated

Stuart Scurria, the beloved son of Michael and Susan Scurria, passed away last Summer at the age of 75. Born in New York City, Stuart was a true New Yorker at heart. For nearly 60 years, he worked as a teacher at the region’s only elementary school, working to shape the minds of thousands of young students.

The impact of Stuart’s work was far-reaching. His colleagues, former students and their parents, and many others described him as a gentle, wise, and extremely generous person. His devotion to education was mirrored in his other passions—from photography, to music, to traveling and meeting people from all over the world. He often shared the beauty of his unique perspectives on life with those around him.

He is remembered for many wonderful qualities, including his selflessness, loyalty and his readiness to help. During his working years, he was an active member of the United Association of Educators, taking part in many union activities.

Stuart left behind an incredibly rich legacy. He leaves his family proud and cherishing all the incredible memories from the days they shared.

Stuart Scurria’s life and legacy will not soon be forgotten. His death came far too soon and he left us with nothing but outstanding memories that will live on. He continues to inspire us all with his many accomplishments and perserverance. His spirit will remain in the hearts of those who knew him and he will be greatly missed.

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