Suddenlink Faces Class Action Lawsuit

Suddenlink, a popular cable and internet provider, is facing a class action lawsuit over a variety of consumer complaints. Customers have alleged that the provider’s services are subpar, leaving some in the dark and others unable to access the internet or cable television. The lawsuit is seeking compensation for customers who feel they have been mistreated by the company. This article will explore the specifics of the class action lawsuit and what customers can do to participate.
Suddenlink Faces Class Action Lawsuit

The class action lawsuit against SuddenLink has been an ongoing legal battle since 2017. Those who have had their service wrongfully cancelled, were illegally charged early termination fees, or had other issues with the cable provider brought the class action suit forth to bring SuddenLink to justice. Here’s a look at the lawsuit and how it’s going.

What Does the Lawsuit Entail?

  • It was filed in 2017 by consumers who experienced billing issues with SuddenLink
  • The lawsuit accuses SuddenLink of unfair dealing, such as improper billing and fee practices, fraud, and other deceptive actions
  • It seeks to reimburse customers who have been wrongfully charged or had their service wrongfully cancelled

Where Is the Lawsuit Now?

  • The lawsuit is currently in the discovery phase where both parties are gathering evidence to support their cases
  • The judge is currently reviewing submitted documents to determine if the lawsuit qualifies as a class action suit
  • The judge will either approve the class action suit, or it can be dismissed entirely

This lawsuit marks the latest chapter in Suddenlink’s checkered past when it comes to deceiving customers. As the case plays out, consumers should remain cognizant of their rights when dealing with telecommunications companies and any attempts to take advantage of them.

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