Suddenlink Facing Legal Action: A Look into the Lawsuit

If you’ve heard of Suddenlink, the United States’ ninth-largest cable provider, you may have heard about the current legal action being taken against them. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into what the lawsuit is about, and why the company is facing legal repercussions.
Suddenlink Facing Legal Action: A Look into the Lawsuit
What is the story behind the Suddenlink Lawsuit?

The class-action lawsuit against telecommunications company Suddenlink Communications has been gaining media attention since it was filed in March of 2018. This lawsuit follows a proposed settlement agreement by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) which would hold Suddenlink responsible for its misleading promises, unfair billing, and deceptive practices when it forced customers to sign up for contracts they were not made aware of.

The lawsuit alleges that Suddenlink violated California’s consumer protection laws by flooding residents in California with marketing materials that promised a certain internet speed, but were unable to deliver on their promises. The lawsuit also claims that Suddenlink’s contracts had sudden expiration dates, failed to inform customers of contract expiration which forced customers to renew contracts further down the line or face hefty cancellation fees. Customers were also pushed into signing up for additional services and equipment that they weren’t originally made aware of.

What should Customers do Next?

If you are or were a Suddenlink customer in California, then you may be entitled to compensation, provided you meet all the requirements as outlined in the lawsuit.

These are the steps to take to get your piece of the $3.7 million settlement:

  • Determine if you are a California resident and a Suddenlink customer.
  • Get information on any terminated or cancelled Suddenlink services.
  • File a claim online or mail in an official form.
  • Check your credit report for any extra fees or other improper charges.

Documents related to the case, as well as the official claim form, can be obtained at the Los Angeles County Superior Court website. The deadline to file is April 2021, so don’t delay and take action to get the justice you deserve.

The legal battle between Suddenlink and the city of Dallas is still unfolding and only time will tell how it unfolds. With this lawsuit, it’ll be interesting to see how both parties come to a resolution, if at all. No matter what, this will serve as an important lesson to all companies regarding the laws that are put in place to protect consumers.

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