Summer 2023 Nail Polish Trends You’ll Love

Summer 2023 nail polish trends are around the corner! Whether you’re a fan of dramatic metallics or whimsical pastels, this season is sure to bring tons of fun colors and styles to your fingertips. Get ready to try out the newest trends – we’ve rounded up the hottest looks of the summer in this article. So let’s dive in and get your mani game ready for summer!
Summer 2023 Nail Polish Trends You'll Love

The manicure industry has evolved rapidly in the past few years and the 2023 summer season is sure to bring even more unique looks. Here are the top 4 nail polish trends for the season:

  • Gen Z pastels: Soft lilac hues, rainbow glow shades and peachy neons will be hitting the scene.
  • Glossy gels: Shine brighter than the sun with gels that look glossy, sleek, and glossy.
  • Matte magic: Buff out the shine for matte nail designs featuring earthy tones and graphic details.
  • Animal print: Prepare to be fierce with abstract zebra, leopard and tiger stripes in shades of pink, orange, yellow, and black.

There are so many ways to style your nails in the coming summer season. With all the amazing colors, textures and patterns there’s no way your tips won’t look fire. Rock any of these nagellack trends and you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go this season.

Summer 2023 is shaping up to be a fun and innovative season for nail fashion! Whether you want to stand out with a bold color or keep it subtle and classic, there’s sure to be a trend you’ll love. Be sure to experiment with new shades, finishes, and designs to make sure your nails are on trend this season. Until then, happy polishing!

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