Take a Brief Survey on LA Times Crossword!

Are you a big fan of the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle? If so, we have a chance for you to give your input! Take a few moments and fill out our brief survey about the LA Times crossword. Your answers will help us create an even better puzzle-solving experience for everyone!
Take a Brief Survey on LA Times Crossword!
Answer the Questions of the Brief Survey on the LA Times Crossword

Are you the type of person that enjoys solving crosswords or puzzles? The LA Times wants to hear what you have to say! A brief survey is now online and open to all Times readers. It only takes a few minutes to complete the survey.

The survey consists of 4 questions and your opinion matters. It covers topics such as the level of difficulty of the crossword, the enjoyment level of solving the crossword, the quality of the clues, and how quickly they were able to finish the crossword. You can answer the questions by selecting your opinion from the given options.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your opinion heard and make a difference in the LA Times crosswords!

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking the survey about the LA Times Crossword! At LA Times, we value feedback from our readers and hope this survey helps us improve our content. Thank you for taking part and making the puzzle ever more enjoyable.

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