Take a Look Inside Ron Desantis Campaign Video

Get a peek into Ron DeSantis’ campaign with this new video! Take a look inside the inner workings of DeSantis’ campaign, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the team. Learn more about his campaign and its goals and find out why DeSantis is running for office.
Take a Look Inside Ron Desantis' Campaign Video
What Is the Ron Desantis Campaign Video?

The Ron Desantis Campaign Video is an inspiring ad for Floridians who are looking to bring about change to their state. It was released as part of his 2020 campaign for the office of Governor of Florida. The video features Ron Desantis urging everyone to “make this election a referendum” and to vote for him in order to get “the job done.”

The video contrasts the expected narrative of what a Florida Governor can do with what Desantis himself would bring to the job. He focuses on his plans for improving the economy, creating more jobs, and other key issues for the state, such as crime. He answers criticisms of his inexperience and outsider status with his focus on the future, not the past. The video also highlights his commitment to conservative values, such as lower taxes, smaller government, and more individual liberty.

The video was met with a positive response by viewers, with many sharing it on social media and praising Desantis for his vision. Ron Desantis has continued to gain support throughout the election, and if his recent campaign video is anything to go by, it’s clear he has a mission to bring positive change to the state of Florida.

That’s a glimpse inside Ron DeSantis’ campaign video. It’s clear he’s motivated to follow through with his political promises, and has already begun to make Florida a better place through his work. With his background in military and government, Ron DeSantis is an ideal candidate for leading Florida forward.

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