Take the Are You Written By Taylor, Lana, or Ariana Quiz!

Are you a fan of Taylor, Lana, or Ariana music? Can you distinguish between their respective lyrical styles? Whether you can or can’t, take this quiz and find out if your guess is right! Test your knowledge of some of the biggest pop stars around and find out if you can spot if the lyrics were written by Taylor, Lana, or Ariana. Take the Are You Written By Taylor, Lana, or Ariana Quiz and see how you fare!

Do you listen to Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande? If you love their songs, you might be wondering if you can distinguish between the two. Guess no more! Take this quiz and find out if you can tell who is performing based on their song lyrics.

During the quiz, you will be presented with 10 passages featuring lyrics from songs by Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, or both artists. Your job is to click on the correct answer option within the alloted time. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Listen to the rhythm. Sometimes the lyrical flow of Ariana and Taylor’s songs can help you narrow down the answer. Try listening to the rhythm of the line that you’re presented to help you eliminate possibilities.
  • Read the lyrics carefully. Both artists have different writing styles. Carefully reading through the lyrics can help you spot a giveaway word or phrase.
  • Trust your instincts!. If you’re still having trouble deciding, try trusting your gut feeling and click on the artist that you think wrote the line.

Ready to test your knowledge? Take our quiz now and see if you can tell whether each line of lyrics is written by Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande!

At the end of the day, our quiz makes it easy to find out who wrote the top songs of 2020. Now you can jam out to your favorite tunes knowing for sure whether Taylor, Lana, or Ariana are the talented individuals behind them.

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