Take the new york times dialect quiz!

Ever wondered if you have the language savvy of a New Yorker? Well, now there’s an easy way to find out! The New York Times recently unveiled a tongue-in-cheek dialect quiz that tests your knowledge of the classic New York City slang and phrases. Let’s take the quiz to find out how well you measure up against a true New Yorker.
Take the New York Times' Dialect Quiz!
Have you ever wanted to know which dialect of the English language fits you the best? The New York Times dialect quiz can help you figure it out.

Using a sophisticated algorithm, the quiz provides you with a series of speak-alike words backed with clever sound clips. From these questions, it can determine the particular linguistic features that uniquely identify you from other speakers.

If you are uncertain of a certain word or term, the quiz provides a handy glossary of various terms. The following are some examples you can expect to find in the quiz:

  • Carbonated Beverage – A soft drink.
  • Crawdad – A small crustacean which is also known as a crayfish.
  • Hoagie – A long sandwich, usually filled with cold cuts, lettuce, tomato, and other toppings.
  • Scuppernong – A variety of muscadine grape.

The questions ask you to identify which option is most commonly heard in your region of the United States. Although the quiz contains around thirty questions, it takes an average of five minutes to complete. Your end results will provide insight into the dialects you are most likely to use. The New York Times dialect quiz is an excellent way to learn more about how certain language dialects have changed over time.

So, if you’re interested in testing your knowledge of dialects and regional speech—or just curious about dialects in general—the New York Time’s dialect quiz is a great opportunity to do so. So go ahead and give it a shot!

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